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  • How do I watch Light of the World live?
    We are live every Thursday (2pm EST) on Facebook and YouTube! Don't forget to subscribe & turn on notifications!
  • Where can I watch past episodes of LOTW?
    Visit our Watch Now page: Or visit our YouTube channel:
  • How do I contact Light of the World?
    Visit our Contact page: Or email us:
  • What is Thread of Hope, Inc.?
    Thread of Hope, Inc. is a 501(c)3 that is dedicated to collaborating and investing in innovative projects, both domestic and abroad, that help promote change. Our mission is to reach out to the lives of the underserved and underrepresented populations. To learn more, visit Light of the World is presented by Thread of Hope, Inc.
  • What is CITRO Company?
    Light of the World is sponsored by CITRO Company. CITRO, founded by Dr. Teresa Allissa Citro, offers luxurious cosmetics, skincare, and fine jewelry Dr. Citro is passionate about helping others who have gone through psychological, spiritual, and physical traumas. All proceeds go 100% to Thread of Hope, Inc. Shop CITRO Today! -
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