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Light of the World

LOTW is a weekly one-hour live table-talk show.
We conduct interviews, share inspirational true stories, discuss books, and examine the important, relevant topics of today.

Notable special guests join us to discuss a variety of topics to encourage and inspire.

Live every Thursday @ 2pm (Eastern Standard Time)

Meet the Host


Dr. Teresa Allissa Citro

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Teresa Allissa Citro, Ph.D, is the Founder and President of Manda University,  Thread of Hope, Inc., and CITRO CompanyShe is the Chief Executive Officer of Learning Disabilities Worldwide, Inc.

Dr. Citro is the Editor-In-Chief of Everyday Life Magazine and the creator and executive producer of Light of the World.

Dr. Citro is a graduate of Tufts New England Medical School, Boston, MA; Northeastern University, Boston, MA; and Manda University, Boston, MA.
She holds a Ph.D. in Education Leadership and a Ph.D. in Corporate Leadership.


Dr. Citro is an international public speaker.

She is a well-respected authority in the field of Education/Special Education. She has written extensively in the fields of education, counseling, parenting, and Christian theology. She is the Co-Editor of two respected peer-reviewed journals on Special Education, “Learning Disabilities: A Contemporary Journal” and “Insights on Learning Disabilities: From Prevailing Theories to Validated Practices.” Dr. Citro annually runs the World Congress on Special Education.

Dr. Citro has received numerous awards for her contributions in the field of Special Education, and was awarded the prestigious Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award from the President of the United States in 2021.


Rev. Dr. Carol Drake

Executive Producer

Dr. Teresa Allissa Citro

Producer, director, & Editor

Ellianna Destinee Citro

production assistant

Dr. Rika Griffiths

Technology operator

Dr. Justin Noah Citro

Office Manager

Evilde Gigliotti


Tony Drake &

Glenn Robertson

Dr. Citro's Hair

Stefani's Salon
Framingham, MA

Dr. Citro's Makeup

The views and opinions expressed by our special guests may not necessarily be those of Light of the World Talk Show.

All information shared is strictly for informational and educational use only.

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